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    On this site we have provided you with a listing of CATOOSA Private Investigators for you to choose from. Please contact one these CATOOSA bounty hunting professionals for immediate investigation assistance.

    In the U.S. Supreme Court case (Taylor v. Taintor) it established that the person into whose custody a defendant accused of a crime is remanded to as part of the defendant’s bail has sweeping rights to recover that person. For this reason, most bounty hunters are in the employ of a bail bondsman. The bounty hunter is paid a percentage of the bail amount the fugitive was released on (typically 10-20% of the original bail).

    If the fugitive forfeits his bail bond the bondsman is responsible for the paying the full face value of the bail. Thus the bounty hunter (Bail Enforcement Agent) is the bail bondsman's main resource for locating and apprehending the fugitive. In the United States, bounty hunters catch an estimated 30,000 bail jumpers per year.

    In the United States of America bounty hunters have nearly limitless authority in their duties with regard to apprehending a fugitive bond jumper. Unlike a police officer, a bounty hunter can enter the fugitive's private domain without a warrant (even on the “Sabbath Day”). Bounty hunters are also sometimes known as Bail Enforcement Agents or Fugitive Recovery Agents many of these professionals are also licensed private investigators with extensive experience in skip tracing, back ground checks and law enforcement surveillance techniques.
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