• BailFish.com's Mission
  • BailFish.com and BailFish.com's Bail Bond resource programs were created with the help of bail bondsmen, general agents, bail insurance carriers and recovery agents coming together and who donated their expertise to make BailFish.com the best bail bond power management, prospect call log and skip programs available today. This websites bail bond resources are offered free to all in the bail bond industry. We are continually adding new features but your help is needed, your suggestions are welcomed.
    Please send us your thoughts to Ideas@bailfish.com
  • All information is strictly private. No agent outside your company will learn anything about your business or your customers. You as the administrator can authorize, activate or deactivate which employees have access to your data. The only data that is shared throughout the network is your indemnitors record in honoring the terms of their bond and the defendants most wanted fugitive information.
  • The BailFish.com Skip program automatically checks your prospect's record when you either log a new skip's information during the initial wanted posting or when you search our database. If the subject or indemnitor matches one of our known risks (flight or financial), we will warn you immediately.
  • If you do have a problem with a defendant, indemnitor, client, you have the ability to flag him or her in our database. This means that other agents will probably not do business with them until he/she has cleared up his issues with you. Also, members will be able to contact you if he/she skips and/or shows up in their office or jail.